20 Layouts for April!

I am toooo stoked! I scrapped my goal of 20 layouts for the month of April PLUS 2 mini albums!
I am really liking setting monthly goals for myself.. I find that I can keep up b etter plus it motivates me to wanna scrap! LOL
I just finished my 20th layout on the last day of April.. talk about waiting until the last minute!

So.... I am thinking that since we are hosting a Scrappy Play in May cybercrop on Scrappy Girl Designs, where we are hosting a challenge a day in May.. I am determined to do 31 layouts for May! I am determined to live dangerously and do this...
anyone think I can? Post here and let me know if you think I am can do this! LOL

Come on over and join us for the month crop and play! Prizes will be given out and the challenges will be awesome!


Suzanne said...

Of course I think you can do it! Great job on meeting your April goal! :-)

marry said...

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