20 Layouts for April!

I am toooo stoked! I scrapped my goal of 20 layouts for the month of April PLUS 2 mini albums!
I am really liking setting monthly goals for myself.. I find that I can keep up b etter plus it motivates me to wanna scrap! LOL
I just finished my 20th layout on the last day of April.. talk about waiting until the last minute!

So.... I am thinking that since we are hosting a Scrappy Play in May cybercrop on Scrappy Girl Designs, where we are hosting a challenge a day in May.. I am determined to do 31 layouts for May! I am determined to live dangerously and do this...
anyone think I can? Post here and let me know if you think I am can do this! LOL

Come on over and join us for the month crop and play! Prizes will be given out and the challenges will be awesome!


5 layouts in 5 days Challenge- Day 3

This challenge has really motivated me to scrap! I have been doing a layout a day challenge for a week with my friend Naureen. I have done5 layouts in 3 days! I haven't been able to post them daily because they were DT projects for Scrappy Girl Designs but now... TA-DA!!!!!!

This layout features my DD on Easter Sunday! She was so pretty and divine! She was so happy to pose for the camera too. This layout is using the Crate paper that is in the April kits! Awesome! I also created this layout using 15 buttons for a button challenge on Simply Obsessed!
Thanks for the push!

I switched over to the Cherry Arte papers in the April kit to do this one of my DS eating a cupcake at DD's birthday party. Did I tell you that you actually get TWO kits in one at Scrappy Girl Designs? I was able to scrap for my daughter and son with one kit!

The title says it all on this one!

I am so proud of myself and being able to stay with it! I can't wait until the daily challenge/crop in May over at Scrappy Girl Designs! I am hoping to get 31 pages done!


Update on the 5 layouts in 5 days...

Just wanted to say that YES I am keeping up with this challenge! I have scrapped one page ( at least) a day since Monday. I actually scrapped TWO layouts tonight! YAY ME!

But unfortunately, I can't post them just yet... they are my DT projects for Scrappy Girl Designs. I am really excited about how they turned out!

Ok... looking forward to create another layout for Day 3 of the challenge!

Thanks Naureen for playing with me!


April means Actively Scrapping!

Hello my darling friends,
If you are reading this, you are probably going, where has Origin been? I keep saying that I am going to stay on top of this blog and I really will.. I am definitely starting to scrap more so I will just have to upload my stuff right after I make it so I can stay current! I am so excited to upload some of my newest.. I think my style is changing again but I think I like it! I am starting to dig this 6 x 12 size! It is awesome!
Ok without further ado, here is some of my work! I made this layout of my kids with their dad and I have to say it is my fav of all time! I wanted to really capture what he means to the kids and how much they love him! He is truly an awesome dad! Even though our marriage didn't make it, I will always love him for his love of the family... David, this one is for you!

A 12 x 6 layout of my DS with his Daddy! Do they not have the same ears and hairline? LOL
One of the girls on the Scrappy Girl Designs DT with me (Nikki) inspired me to try this size and I think I am hooked! Thanks Nikki!

Ok... this layout was made with the AWESOME March kit from Scrappy Girl Designs! This kit rocked with the Dream Street papers! This layout features my little ones trying on my afro puff that I wear to work when I don't feel like doing my hair.. What a hoot! I did some hidden journaling behind the pics.

Close up of the orange stickles that I used on the title!

I love scrapping out of order... it allows me to scrap whateever whenever I want! I did this layout from Halloween.. I love how I was able to capture my DD's hand with the 2 pumpkin seeds stuck in the middle! I did this layout based on a sketch over at Sketch This!

This 12 x 6 layout was inspired by a challenge from Nikki over on Scrappy Girl Designs. We were challenged to create a 12 x 6 layout with 2-3 pictures and some bling! Not one of my favs that I have done but I do love the photos!

This layout features Dream Street Papers from the March kit at Scrappy Girl Designs! These pictures are of the kids at the Orlando Science Center. Too funny!

Thanks so much for checking out my stuff!
Ok, I have been challenged by my good friend, Naureen to do 5 layouts in 5 days starting on Monday! We have to create one layout a day for a week.. I know small stuff for you daily layout people...but we have to email each other a picture of our stuff by midnight in order for it to count.. no doubling up on one day! So, as I do this challenge, I will challenge myself to do 5 posts in 5 days here so you can see my daily creations!
Wish me luck!


New Creations to Share!

Yep... been bad again with updating.. but I have some new items to share.. Let's see.. what has happened lately... my DD turned 5! I can't believe. My boyfriend asked me to marry him so I am now engaged! I am sooo looking forward to summer so I can scrap all day! LOL But anyhoo... I have some new items that I am proud of...
This 11 x 8.5 is of Jeff and I in St. Augustine. I used some Cherry Arte papers along with some chipboard words from Treasures to Scrap. I love scrapping this size because it gives me a break from the norm 12 x 12.

This layout features my DD taste tasting the Valentine's cookies that she made. I love her facial expressions!

This is one of my favs because it shows my kids and I making cookies together. They love to mix everything up and add all of the ingredients.

Pics of my kids playing around acting silly!

This layout is using Chatterbox billiard room papers that are featured in the Treasures to Scrap store. I know it is silly taking pictures of someone drinking from a cup but he is too cute! LOL!
Thanks for checking me out!

Guess what??

I am now the Design Team Coordinator at Scrappy Girl Designs! Amber has some rockin kits and the community is fun and friendly! Come check us out soon!

Grr... google is having problems right now.. I am trying to upload some new stuff... will try again later I guess!


Scrap fest for me!

WHEW! I feel like I have been in a scrapping daze! I just realized that I have been scrapping for two straight weeks! Last weekend, I went to a scrap retreat with 7 of my friends. We went to Nana's Scrapbook Retreat. Oh my gosh, we had a blast! So fun, relaxing and peaceful. Got lots of scrapping done! We are planning to go back in April!
And this weekend, I cropped with my friend at the LSS! I had my new IPOD and I was rocking and rolling while creating! I am uploading quite a few today.. these are from my retreat and today!
I am so proud of myself.. I have passed my February goal for layouts.. I said I wanted to do 12 layouts... I have completed 13! I am going to shoot for 20 but we will see...
Oh, I have a new thing now.. I am determined to use at least 3 photos on one layout! i am loving using multiple photos..love to crop them, arrange them...not to mention get more on my page! Hope you enjoy!

This layout is a 2 pager! This was my surprise party given by my ex spouse with the kids! I turned 32 on January 20! ACK! Very simple but I love how it came out!

I had to do a layout to highlight how son is growing up and becoming self sufficient! I can remember feeding him from the bottle and now this...

The looks on his face are priceless!

This is my daughter eating nuggets at my bday party! Can you tell she is enthused?

My daughter lost her first tooth! I can't believe it! She was convinced that the tooth fairy and Tinkerbell were going to fly together and leave her a surprise!

My two darlings lovin life!

I had to scrap these pictures. My DS messed up my DD's hair and as you can tell, she was very upset! I did some hidden journaling on the tag behind the 3rd pic!

Jayla has so much fun being herself! I wanted to highlight this!

Some fun summer pics of my DD!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I will try and update more, promise!